Video Certified Private Pet Cremation™

Private pet cremation is defined as one companion animal placed into the cremation chamber. After the cremation is completed, the cremated remains are removed and the chamber is cleaned before cremation can begin.

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Private cremation is a way of paying a final tribute to your beloved companion animal, a voluntary act of love. Cremation is an ancient practice that dates back as far as the Stone Age. Today, the concept of cremation and cremated remains internment, is accepted as a meaningful alternative to ground burial. You may keep the cremated remains (in an urn) at home in a place which you feel had special meaning to both you and your companion animal, place the cremated remains in a garden urn for burial in a special place (flower garden or under a tree), or you may scatter the cremated remains in a favorite place of your choice (mountains, river, grassy field). Although misunderstood for many years, cremation is simply a hastening of the natural process. This is accomplished in a crematory, using intense heat and flame, thus retuning the body to its original elements. After the process is complete, the calcified bone fragments (cremated remains) are collected, processed, and placed into an urn.

Video Certified Private Pet Cremation™ is Companion Animal Cremation Service's signature service. We invite you to attend and witness the cremation of your companion animal, providing you with one last chance to say goodbye. Our experienced staff is available to give you support and guidance. Following the cremation, your companion animal's cremated remians will be carefully placed into a complimentary cedar urn, with a brass nameplate and photo frame, or display urn of your choice. We return the urn to you, with a certified private cremation certificate, a Video Certified Private Pet Cremation™ DVD, a "Saying Goodbye with Dignity" booklet, and a copy of a very appropriate poem "Living Love."

A recap of how we provide private pet cremation:
• Emergency services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
• We will pickup your companion animal's body from wherever it is located, within four hours of notification.
• Private cremation will be performed within 24 hours of receipt of your companion animal's body.
• Your family may witness the cremation service.
• If you are not present for the cremation, you will be given a Video Certified Private Pet Cremation™ DVD.
• Cremated remains of your companion animal will be delivered to your home, or may be picked up at our office at your convenience.

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